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Whitecoin Exchanges

Do you know how many exchanges we're on? Or can you name them all? Probably NOT! I couldn't!! Having seen vast growth in 2017 and a rapid expansion of exchanges hosted all around the world focused on different communities Whitecoin is now listed on 11 exchanges and 1 trading platform (CoinSwitch). Most of these have come online since October [...]

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Trade Whitecoin on CoinSwitch!

Whitecoin (XWC) can now be traded on CoinSwitch CoinSwitch is a cryptocurrency exchange providing the best exchange rate on transactions by aggregating all leading exchanges and comparing their rates in real time. CoinSwitch allows Whitecoin holders the ability to buy and sell quickly at the current market rate without the 'market' look. Just put in [...]

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Whitecoin is pleased to announce Erik ‘deninchicken’ is joining the development team

Erik has been part of our growing community in 2017. Throughout the year he has shown great passion and enthusiasm for the Whitecoin project. Erik has already helped Whitecoin grow through the publication of the Whitenode setup guide and has shown a driven attitude to new ideas and thinking outside the box. He aims to [...]

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Whitecoin to be listed on Funcoin Today!

Whitecoin trading is going LIVE on Funcoin today (February 6th) at 18:00 hours! The XWC wallet is now open and ready for trading. Based in South Korea Funcoin is a growing platform which has chosen to list XWC among its growing list of coins! Funcoin have three trading pairs available: BTC/XWC ETH/XWC KRW/XWC (South Korean [...]

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Whitenode Setup Guide

Whitenode setup guide by Denimchicken This setup guide written by one of our key community members Denimchicken examines the rationale behind acquiring a Pi and using Whitenode to stake XWC. The hardware requirements to set up your Whitenode staking wallet and a walk through the installation of the software. Denimchicken has shown how a Whitecoin community member [...]

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Wallet 2.3.1 Release

Better late with the information than never! But... Whitecoin wallet v2.3.1 has been released! (some time ago) Lizhi has been hard at work over the past couple of months making the XWC wallet much improved... adding many additional features which improve the experience for both you, the end user and implement new functions which will [...]

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XWC Miner – Whitenode

The Whitenode project The Whitenode project has been a community funded endeavour to commercially produce an energy efficient platform based on the Whitenode raspberry Pi software to stake Whitecoin for the PoS block reward. The project raised 10,000,000 XWC to begin production as well as to research and develop other avenues which will benefit the [...]

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Whitecoin 2017 End of Year Report

2017 has been a fantastic year for Whitecoin (XWC) we have seen a lot of growth, many changes and developments and we're glad you joined us to make 2017 such an exciting time for Whitecoin. Thank you all for your support, commitment and contributions this year! The following report covers many key events that occurred [...]

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Track your Whitecoin on Coinfolix

Whitecoin (XWC) has been added to Coinfolix! You can now track the value of your Whitecoin and other cryptos portfolio using Coinfolix! Coinfolix is an iPhone app which allows users to enter their portfolio and track the value of individual coins as well as their entire portfolio. It contains additional information including: top coins by [...]

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