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I'm a member of the Whitecoin team since 2014. As long as there is a community i'll keep on developing.
Whitecoin Developer and Director of Operations

Whitecoin – OSX wallet update

There was a small error in our OSX wallet, this prevented users from starting the wallet on OSX. The problem was a bit more complex than expected, but we have updated it on our website and github with a proper OSX version. Feel free to download it from here:

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Whitecoin wallet instructions

WHITECOIN WALLET INSTRUCTIONS if you prefer an offline PDF please download the file here: Whitecoin_Wallet_Instructions DOWNLOADING You can download the Whitecoin wallet from our website: Wallets: INSTALLING Open the downloaded zip file When you first install the wallet your will be prompted by the Windows firewall to give the program permission. Simply hit Allow [...]

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Whitecoin v2.1.0.0 wallet is released !

New v2.1.0.0 Wallet - Released on 20/07/2017 Non-Mandatory Whitecoin v2.1.0.0 wallet update has been released with numerous bug fixes, enhancements & stability improvements and layout changes. You can see the full developer change log from the github link below. Download the appropriate wallet binary for your OS from link below or from the website [...]

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XWC Blockchain Instant Sync

We have created a instant sync blockchain copy for you to get your wallet up and running even faster! Get your instant sync copy here and place it into %APPDATA%\whitecoin-xwc\ this way you prevent the full blockchain download. File hashes: MD5 Checksum: D58DCE811DCC178BC92948FB5417993E SHA-1 Checksum: 69BB1E6AAFD8DC4A82F5BC97606409C7DA20B497 SHA256 Checksum: 01A117268EC2F19E95955011FE6F07F7961E896C33DB5251E4B21AB388976E9A SHA512 Checksum: BF573CC9345E7E633D743D265386B0B23D5FFAF2E7262DB6E42B4FC26FBFA5538AC5CD8B334BD469C2250DB40314DAD3AB040BDD876BA0A62B380EA848E52CD1

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Our new wallet has been accepted in Microsoft Azure Blockchain Projects

Good news ! our v2 updates has been accepted and merged into Azure Blockchain Projects *Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)* again ! Getting started with Microsoft Azure BaaS: For the update merge see:

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Developing tools released for whitecoin

We have created various development tools for developers, with those tools it's easier to setup and create projects. More to follow. Docker files for Ubuntu and CentOS: - Github: Whitecoin API PHP wrapper: A simple class for making calls to Whitecoin's API using PHP. - Github: Nodejs package: - Github: - NPMJS: [...]

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Schedule: new wallet release v2.1.0.0

On 20th July 2017 23:00 GMT+2, we will be releasing our new wallet with the following updates. The changelog for our new wallet (V2.1.0.0): - Translations (updated: zh_CN,zh_TW,ja) - [Qt] show number of in/out connections in debug console - wallet: don't leak height of local chain during inital sync - add rpc command burn - [...]

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