Whitecoin Blockchain China Tour – Shanghai Conference

Our Chinese development team, community and Whitecoin partners are undertaking the Whitecoin Blockchain China Tour! The upcoming conference in Shanghai will be part of a series of events held throughout China with the primary goal of extending blockchain knowledge and promoting Whitecoin and it's partner services. It is scheduled that 2 events will be held each [...]

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Mandatory Wallet Update v2.5.0.0+

We have released the mandatory Whitecoin wallet v2.5.0.0 for the upcoming blockchain update This release contains both the fix to the staking issue which will become active on the 1st of June 2018 at 22:00 UTC as well as an increase of our staking reward from 2 XWC per block to 5 XWC per block. The new wallet [...]

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Important Dates

Hello Whitecoin community, We have two important dates to keep you informed about: Whitecoin blockchain update The update will occur on the 1st of June 2018 at 22:00 UTC We have chosen this time as it allows us the time to finalise the updates to our wallet and Whitenode, which we expect to have released by [...]

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Staking Issue

We are aware of the current issue which has arisen with staking Whitecoin, as I'm sure many of you are. The Whitecoin team has looked into the problem and have found the issue as well as a fix to the problem. There are some key points that each Whitecoin holder should be aware of: The [...]

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Vote for a new Whitecoin logo

We need your opinion! It's time for a new Whitecoin logo but we need you to pick your favourite and vote on it. In total there's 9 candidates to choose from. To cast a vote you donate to the wallet listed next to the logo. One XWC equals one vote and you can vote as [...]

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Explorer temporarily offline

One of our hosting providers is currently experiencing some datacenter issues, So a small cluster of our machines are currently down. The on-site Technician is working on resolving the problem as we speak, and should be resolved by the end of the day. For now the following services might have some issues, please use the [...]

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Whitecoin Telegram

The Official Whitecoin Telegram group is now LIVE! Whitecoin has had a test Telegram channel for sometime now which has now gone live. The main reason for the delay in implementing a Telegram group is that we did not want two separate Whitecoin groups who were mutually exclusive. To this end we have implemented a [...]

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