Whitecoin Development Funding Update

Update 8/14/14 Hello! BUSY BUSY BUSY! Wanted to ensure you got the latest totals on these efforts.  PM me with anything!  Surfs Up! WCF Wallet - WdPskLzGkjXkSns3BgkRF5fW5SveTBS7tR - 831,108 WC Developments in descending order of amount raised: 7. Known User Transactions - 550,909 WC 4. Reduce Confirmation Times - 366,674 WC 5. Built in Voting [...]

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Shair.com Hints At Up Coming Announcement

For one of our initial developments (in conjunction with supporting funding for development for the WCF), we have identified a solution that we believe benefits not only the Community but WCF and Shair.com’s plans to support current and future development funding in addition to mainstream entry points into Whitecoin. The main points of the initial [...]

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The WhiteCoin Foundation Adds Jason Arnold as Vice President

Special Announcement from The WhiteCoin Foundation We are pleased to announce the appointment of a new and highly qualified member to the WhiteCoin Foundation Operations Team, Vice President Jason Arnold. Jason brings 14 years of experience and expertise of business development, new product development, technical design, fundraising, sales, and management to our team.  Jason has [...]

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WCF Open Letter To Canadian Government – Bill C-31

Bitcoin Legislation Potentially Disastrous for Growing Canadian Tech Sector Concerns continue to mount in the cryptocurrency sector over the Harper Government’s approach to Bitcoin. Bill C-31 contains many potential implications to crypocurrency users, spread throughout various acts in dense legislation. While in spirit most of these developments were expected and not troubling for the international [...]

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Shair.com Announces Integration With WhiteCoin

Copyright Protection For Your Digital Creative Works! We are pleased to announce that for all creative works created by one of our online services, we will be using CryptoCopyright for your Copyright protection! What does this mean to you? ·       All original creative works crafted by one of our many services, are now utilizing and [...]

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Community Overthrows CryptoCurrency

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Online Community Overthrows CryptoCurrency, Launches out of Halifax The story of WhiteCoin is a fascinating example of the CryptoCurrency's emerging potential. Launched in April of 2014 in the alternative Bitcoin market, WhiteCoin became an immediate sensation reaching the top five of international volume trading out of over 300 active CryptoCurrencies in its [...]

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CryptoCurrency Partnership Awarded

Hello WhiteCoiners, Today I bring you a very special announcement. In my opinion, this development validates all of our work and careful effort to date. After months of analysis of the cryptocurrency market, CryptoCopyright and its partners have chosen WhiteCoin and The WhiteCoin Foundation as their first partner in cryptocurrency. So why has this business [...]

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Formalized Request Reserving WhiteCoin Foundation

Hello WhiteCoiners! Today marks a very important milestone in the history of our community. After hundreds of hours of research, phone meetings, community debate, and legal consultations, we are pleased to announce that we have submitted a formal request to reserve the name "The WhiteCoin Foundation" to the Government of Nova Scotia, Canada. This is [...]

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WhiteCoin Proposed Bounties

WANTED - YOUR FEEDBACK ON BOUNTIES Here are the top items requested by the community that the WCF donations wallet be partially allocated towards. It is our goal to have a completed bounties list available and active within the next couple of days with the appropriate amounts allocated to the top items of interest and [...]

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