Ethical Mining and Trading

WhiteCoinPool.com (ChunkyPools) has really begun to take off with an increases in mining hash as of lately.  With newly added coins and technical improvements made, ChunkyPools is turning into a great place to have your mining hash pointed at, not only from a miners investment in WhiteCoin view, you also become part of unique ethical [...]

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New WhiteCoin Logo Decided!

After a highly successful logo contest where the community chose its preferred logo for WhiteCoin, a winner has been decided and it has now begun to be updated across multiple communication outlets! All entrants showed superb talent and dedication to help brand WhiteCoin, I personally would like to thank all whom entered and expresses such [...]

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WhiteCoin Logo Submission – Final Four Decided!

Congratulations to the Top 4 Logos that were determined by 4 days of voting! The results brought in a staggering 286145 WC  which has been contributed to the WhiteCoin Foundation since closing of voting - more information located here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=568517.msg7118154#msg7118154 Lets take a look at the top 4 chosen to move into the final voting [...]

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Vote for the new White Coin Logo!

  We are pleased to announce that all submissions have been received and are now available for voting to begin!  - http://wc.oizopower.nl/vote/ Round 1 voting is now open and will remain open for the net 96 hours. Once Round 1 voting has completed, we will reset our voting system for ONLY the top 4 logos [...]

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Organizational Announcement – White Coin Foundation

Special Announcement from The WhiteCoin Foundation We are pleased to announce our ops team roster to the community. We’ve been working hard on filling the first permanent positions of the WhiteCoin Foundation Operations team for the last two weeks. These are names many of you willl be familiar with already, as each and every one [...]

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Official Opening of the WhiteCoin Logo Contest!

After community consultations, feedback (both  public and private), the official logo competition kicks off today!     To read more about the contest click here Everyone is looking forward to everyone's submissions - the community is full of such awesome talent! Submission Guidelines Happy submitting!!!

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Whitecoin Logo Contest – Feedback Required

Thank you for all your comments.  >The official logo contest is now Live< As this is top of mind for the Whitecoin Community, I have created a Whitecoin Logo contest so that we as a community can centrally submit our entries and vote and track these votes to determine a new logo for Whitecoin! The [...]

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Whitecoin Foundation Paper

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: (originally posted https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=568517.msg6820947#msg6820947) We are pleased to release The WhiteCoin Foundation Paper for public review and consultation. We couldn't be more excited to share this with you. While a bit technical in nature, this is a detailed proposal to complete the process of becoming a completely community driven coin, and more. Some totally [...]

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WhiteCoin Master ToDo List : 05/15/14

WhiteCoin Master ToDo List: We're asking the community to think about these categories, where they can help, and most importantly what other ideas you have to offer to put on the list. Please submit ideas to the whitecoinfoundation bitcointalk thread here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=587193.860 Mogonzo will add all ideas & volunteers to the master list We will [...]

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ANNOUNCEMENT: WALLETS UPGRADES AVAILABLE FOR ALL PC PLATFORMS By popular demand we are pleased to announce The New Whitecoin Wallet -V available for download now. This is a polished feature update only, and therefore voluntary.  Anyone using either this or the previous mandatory wallet upgrade will remain on the same blockchain. We’re very excited [...]

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