CryptoCopyright Goes Live With Retail Beta V1

//CryptoCopyright Goes Live With Retail Beta V1

CryptoCopyright Goes Live With Retail Beta V1

CCRLogoCrypto Copyright is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its initial retail service beta being powered and protected by Whitecoin!

“We are really excited about offering our Patent Pending Crypto Copyright  beta free to anyone who needs to protect their creative works.  Today we launched our Retail Beta V1, where any user can claim their ownership over their writings.” – Jason Arnold,

Here is a look at the Verification Page:













Q: How does this benefit Whitecoin?

“Whitecoin is represented in all our marketing materials and proof pages providing great exposure for Whitecoin across multiple marketing channels.  In addition, when we utilize Whitecoin as the public ledger, we are paying for this service through our transaction fees.  In the not so distant future, we will be expanding CCR into many online properties that have shown the need for protecting their content.  We have designed the service to be modular, extensible and simple for others to integrate and use in their own websites and services.  This is only the beginning.” – Jason Arnold

This is the start of Whitecoin being utilized for real world applications and businesses, we look forward to seeing the next stages of the Crypto Copyright  development and are also very excited about the many developments currently under review and discussion by WCF and the Community.


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