Whitecoin Foundation Update April 30th

//Whitecoin Foundation Update April 30th

Whitecoin Foundation Update April 30th

From IRC #whitecointransparency – April 30th 2014

Hello everyone, here are the latest updates from the Whitecoin (WC) team. I will be back on #whitecoinfoundation after this to take questions.

Movement of WC resumed at 11:30 EST on 29 Apr as exchanges re-opened. Since then, we’ve seen impressive trading volume and resilient value.

Miners are moving to the Whitecoin multipool at https://chunkypools.com/wc/

Most importantly, the wallet is staking on realnet and our amazing development team is running extensive testing on it around the clock – we will provide further updates at 09:00 and 12:00 EST. As we have previously indicated, at least 24 hours notice will be provided before a wallet update.

Again, it is staking on realnet but being very extensively tested. The development team is committed to releasing a stable and secure update.

Whitecoin represents an unprecedented cooperation between cryptocurrency developers and traders to turn an abandoned altcoin into a stable, non-profit and universal means of exchange. These passionate volunteers from around the world form the Whitecoin Foundation Project. Our mission is to continue Whitecoin’s role as a secure, non-profit, community-driven cryptocurrency.

We have a great deal of incredible community members to thank for Whitecoin’s success, and we plan on recognizing them fully as we prepare a detailed report on our story so far. However, I would like to give a big thanks to incredible professionals like mindfox and tf2honeybadger, who have been tag-teaming across timezones for days without sleeping to make sure that we’re up and running.Again, please watch for our next update at 09:00 EST. You can keep tabs on us on IRC #whitecointransparency #whitecoinfoundation, on Twitter @WhiteCoiner, online at http://whitecoin.info, or by forum at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=587193.440.

Thanks to every single one of you for your support – cheers!


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