Whitecoin Logo Contest – Feedback Required

//Whitecoin Logo Contest – Feedback Required

Whitecoin Logo Contest – Feedback Required

Thank you for all your comments.  >The official logo contest is now Live<

As this is top of mind for the Whitecoin Community, I have created a Whitecoin Logo contest so that we as a community can centrally submit our entries and vote and track these votes to determine a new logo for Whitecoin!

  • The frame work is in place, basically its ready to go however I would like to put out to the community the questions we need to answer so that we can finalize and effectively launch a logo submission and voting system.

It would be great if you could comment after the post with your feelings on what you would prefer, this will also be posted on other channels where we will be picking up replies as well.

=> Our goal is to launch this within 24hrs from now so your feedback is greatly appreciated as soon as possible.

Here are the questions/information:

1. Voting Mechanism

  • It has been proposed that we use WC as our primary means of voting.
  • Each submission would receive a unique wallet address
  • All wallets will be tracked by a “Submission List” – modify http://www.richlist.eu/whitecoin to show only submission wallet addresses/leader board.
  • All WC used for voting would be a donation to the Whitecoin Foundation for developments (past and current)
  • There is no limitation to the number of votes anyone can have
  • The winner will be determined by which ever submission has the most WC at the time of closing
  • Please note that if we are to put a limit on voting, this will dramatically Increase the time to launch this logo contest

=> Therefore please comment – No Limit on Voting/ Yes Limit Voting


2. Logo Submissions

  • Currently the submissions are NOT limited meaning if you want to make 100 submissions, you can.
  • With the current system I have in place, if there is a requirement to limit submissions, this process will dramatically increase a proposed launch date.

=> Therefore please comment – No Limit / Yes Limit (# of entries)


3. Logo Submission Timeline

I am proposing a submission launch on – May 22nd with a submission deadline of May 25th/26th to allow for ample time and submissions by everyone = 72 hours

=> therefore please comment – YES 72hrs / NO (insert your time)


4. Voting Timeline

I propose to open voting no later than 48 hours after submissions has closed.

  • This will allow for the population of the submissions and the matching of the wallet addresses, and leader board requirements to be implemented accordingly

The voting duration I would propose would be no longer than 7days

=> Therefore please comment – YES 7 days / NO <insert timline>


IN CLOSING: Once we have your feedback, then we can determine when we can launch!

Connect on IRC, on our threads or comment here below!  Lets get this going!

Reddit – http://www.reddit.com/r/whitecoin/comments/265mp0/logo_contest_rules_your_feedback_needed/ – pls upvote and comment

~ cryptoseo

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