Whitecoin – WhiteOS, CryptoCopyright Beta and Wearz

//Whitecoin – WhiteOS, CryptoCopyright Beta and Wearz

Whitecoin – WhiteOS, CryptoCopyright Beta and Wearz

Update 9/5/14


Wow, Wow, Wow.  Seems like Whitecoin has really caught a good wave here recently.  In case you missed it, the last update was huge, and today seems to even be bigger! Last Update can be found Here

Behind the scenes efforts still continue on our concepts below, creating a novel piece of coding for known user transactions is no light work.

casheerCasheer App

Whitecoin has been included for phase II of the Casheer App!  Here are some of their features:

Payments for the 21st Century Consumer

  • Pay In-Person
  • Pay Online
  • Pay by Phone
  • Merchant Rewards & more
  • Escrow Enabled
  • Micropayments

Casheer Website

Shair.com has indicated that upon completed support for Whitecoin within the Casheer Infrastructure, they will be enabling and accepting Whitecoin at their many online services and properties such as CryptoCopyright, DandyID, Claimio, UAW Pro and more…



whiteosWhiteCoin continues to develop usability of the currency both through internal developments and external.  Oizopower has been working on a project WhiteCoin OS, and has begun to share some of the details of it below.  We look forward to hearing about its developments, and is sure to have many uses once released!

From Oizopower:

“Hello guys, I’m proud to announce you my project I have been working on. Today I’m ready to announce the start of a project I have been working personally on, WhiteOS. WhiteOS will be a live operating system that you can start on almost every computer. You can run it from a USB or any other portable storage. Or just simply run it in a virtual machine.

WhiteOS will allow you to manage your Whitecoin in a safe environment that leaves no traces on your everyday computer that is connected 24/7 to the internet. There will be some pre configurations for users that are willing to use TOR or just the normal one.”

Great Work Oizopower!



Exciting news on this front!  Jason has shared a screenshot with us via twitter that CryptoCopyright is reaching its beta phase!  Using the WhiteCoin block chain, users will be able to ensure their original works of media are copyrighted via the block chain using Proof of Existence.  CryptoCopyright has taken a novel approach to this technology and currently has patent pending.



WhiteCoin T-Shirt

Shout out to GRV who has lead this t-shirt campaign and had created the below you can find at: http://www.shirtium.com/  It uses a modifed logo of the WhiteCoin logo that is more printer friendly.  I personally like the simplified logo.  Has the power of three: Transparency, Community, and Innovation

We hope his next step is to talk to the mfg to accept Whitecoin 🙂

So proud of the community, the team, and our partners. Be good to one another.  Surfs up!

~ Sufrguy

WCF WalletWdPskLzGkjXkSns3BgkRF5fW5SveTBS7tR – 874,650 WC

Developments in descending order of amount raised:
7. Known User Transactions1,085,160 WC
4. Reduce Confirmation Times367,010 WC
5. Built in Voting104,153 WC
3. Smart Contract74,065 WC


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