Whitecoin Update September 4th

//Whitecoin Update September 4th

Whitecoin Update September 4th


Below is the list I pulled together based on previous posts.  With each idea is a WC address.  Future coin addresses will be added to allow other coins to be donated as well.  The funds donated can be returned at this point should an idea evolve to the point where you no longer support it.  Refunds will only be sent to the address from which the coins were sent.  As more information comes forth from the Dev team and/or other DEVS I will update you.  I have backed up the wallet for these addresses and is password protected.  I will work transparently with you before releasing funds to anyone and will give 48 hrs notice before any transfer.  Refunds will only be for the original amount, the interest earned would be fwd to the WCF.

1. Anon – Mindfox said it can be implemented from other work when its tested and working

2. Privacy – Implementation of TOR

There is a step by step feature now in your wallet on how to implement using TOR for your wallet

3. Smart Contract – What would it take, what does a framework look like

4. Reduce Confirmation Times – This could be reviewed now and determined what is required to make
this happen

5. Built in Voting App-propose new features, vote from wallet

6. Wallet to wallet exchange – place your buys and sells and would then need to be a multicoin wallet


7. Known User Transactions – using third party, a users wallet would become verified as a known person IRL and could send public transactions.

Update 9/2/14


Welcome back to my US friends from labor day!  Lots seems to be in the works right now. Its a lengthy update, but a sure good one!

What I wanted to highlight today is the Casheer App, a new service being developed to which WhiteCoin will be included!!!!  Here’s the announcement http://forum.casheer.net/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=55

From Casheer.net

Pay In-Person – Checkout using the built-in QR scanner or tap an NFC enabled terminal to pay securely, instantly and without even waiting for a reciept.

Pay Online – Quickly checkout by scanning merchant generated QR codes and avoid the risks and hassles of manually entering your payment card information.

Pay by Phone – Merchants can send you a text from their PoS or phone. Simply click the link in the text to pay securely and never give your card info over the phone again.

Merchant Rewards & more – One place to store and use all your merchant rewards, coupons, gift cards and event tickets. You can even trade them with friends.

Escrow Enabled – Make purchases without worrying about getting stiffed. Casheer will hold your payment to the merchant until the item is confirmed delivered.

Micropayments – Casheer enables microtransactions as small as 1/10th of a cent. Auto-pay anywhere you see the Micropayment Badge. Screenshot

Please check out http://forum.casheer.net/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=131&start=10  and shout out your support that WhiteCoin has been added to the Casheer line-up.  This is a great opportunity for WhiteCoin!

MintPal V2

Most of you have heard by now that MintPal exchange (largest WC volume exchange too) has been purchased by Moolah and brands.  Right now, their tentative listing found here http://blog.moolah.io/2014/09/01/mintpal-v2-tentative-market-listing/ does NOT include WhiteCoin.  We need to provide them with kind words on the benefits of the WhiteCoin community that has rallied since its rocky origins.  We are approaching 1% of total coins residing as donations (NOT A PREMINE) from you!  Those who support WhiteCoin and want to see it further progressed.  I encourage you to send a kind note to the below email address, or twitter, or whatever methods you can find to show your support for MintPal and most importantly WhiteCoin!

Email:    hi@moolah.io
Twitter: @MintPalExchange
Twitter: @moolah_io

UPDATE: Moolah’s tweet sent yesterday is an encouragement that we are likely to be included in MP V2!!! , and also a challenge to us to show them support so keep up the support and show them Whitecoin is here to stay!

Updates to Distribution List

Special thanks to Oizopower who continues to improve the functionality of the distribution list.  Now by clicking on an address you can also see last transactions by that address.  Comes in sure handy when analyzing some of those whale accounts!


Be good to one another.  Surfs up!

WCF Wallet – WdPskLzGkjXkSns3BgkRF5fW5SveTBS7tR – 874,650 WC

Developments in descending order of amount raised:
7. Known User Transactions – 1,085,061 WC
4. Reduce Confirmation Times – 366,987 WC
5. Built in Voting – 104,153 WC
3. Smart Contract – 74,065 WC



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